Get ready.. Get set.. GO!

Chester Race Week 2016 is less than one week away! To help sailors prepare, Sandy MacMillan, veteran sailor, Olympian, and founder and president of‪ North Sails Atlantic has five tips to help participants prepare for their best race week yet!

Top Five Tips to Help Prep for Chester Race Week 2016

  1. Lighten your boat: Get all the extra stuff in lockers and drawers and behind bunks – this weight adds up and most of it is unnecessary.
  2. Clean your bottom: Remove growth from bottom of boat.
  3. Check your rig and halyards: Chafed or worn fittings can fail at a critical moment and ruin your day. Your winches could likely benefit from some lubrication, as well. Don’t forget the lifelines, either, your crew needs to stay on board and test all the fittings in hiking mode.
  4. Organize your crew communications: Establish dock start time and duties, lunches, water, etc. Get your team’s mobile numbers and use group texts or other social media to advise last minute changes.
  5. Attend morning briefings: Again this year, Andreas Josenhans will offer sailors morning briefings at 9:00 AM, from Thursday to Saturday at‪ Chester Yacht Club . Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn from one of the best! Andreas will share his wealth of knowledge and experience on getting better performance from your boat and your crew, and help you improve your results.