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The regatta will be sailed in and around Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. CHS chart numbers 4381 and 4328 are the relevant charts.


Please note that ALL registration functions must be on-line. Our registrar is asking that all boats must complete the following to be considered a registered boat and be able to participate in Chester Race Week. If you are having difficulties please contact the registrar at [email protected]

  • Completed Registration Form
  • Signed Waiver
  • Insurance Verification:
    • Take a picture of your policy and email it to [email protected] and fax it to Chester Yacht Club at (902) 275-2525
    • OR call your insurance agent and have them send it to CYC.
  • Payment

All competitors are required to comply with Nova Scotia Health Regulations with regards to Covid-19. Any skippers, crew or boats failing to comply with these regulations are subject to removal from the event as per the discretion of the Organizing Authority.

Nova Scotia Provincial health regulations can be found at


It is essential that all skippers register all crew. If you are having different crews come on different days, that is ok too, but we need the names of ALL your crew members to be listed. How you may wonder…well it is really quite simple. Once you have registered, go back onto the registration with your login credentials and go to the Owners Corner and click on my crew list. On the top right hand of the screen, you will see Add New Crew. Please fill in at least the minimum information which is the full name and email of each crew member.



PHRF- NS Inshore Racing Course will sail up to 2 races per day. The course length will depend on the conditions of the day. Some may be Windward Leeward Courses. Within the PHRF-NS Inshore Racing Course, the Race Committee will set the handicap split for each fleet and post them on Yacht Scoring in accordance with the Notice of Race


PHRF-NS Distance Racing Course will sail up to 2 races per day. The course length will depend on the conditions of the day. The course will be sailed around fixed/inflatable marks. This course is open to PHRF-NS boats carrying a spinnaker. The Race Committee will set the handicap split for each fleet and post them on Yacht Scoring in accordance with the Notice of Race

One Design Classes will race windward/leeward courses on the One Design course.


The Classic Yacht Class will sail pursuit-style races.


PHRF-NS Boats not carrying a spinnaker will race pursuit style races


PHRF-NS Boats Double Handed will race pursuit style races


Bluenose Class will race Windward/Leeward Races on the Bluenose Course

The Gordon W. Bethune Club Team Trophy

Are there at least 3 boats from your yacht club going to Chester Race Week 2023? Then enter as a team representing your yacht club for the prestigious G.W. Bethune Team Trophy.

How it works: Teams are composed of 3 boats chosen by your club’s rear commodore with each boat racing in a different class.

Team selection must be communicated to Chester Race Week Registrar Janice Anderson at [email protected] before the first race.

The score for each boat is their overall position for the week divided by the number of boats in their fleet. Total this result for the three boats selected by each club to arrive at a team score. Low score wins.

Important Reminders
  1. Register before the August 1st 2023 deadline to avoid the $100 late fee. PayPal and credit cards are accepted online or call CYC at (902) 275-3747 during business hours.
  2. Submit your current yacht insurance verification to the registrar sooner than later:

    You will not be able to participate without proof of insurance.

Check The OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD and the Notice Board at the Chester Yacht Club for changes.

Chester Race Week | Race Information

Top Four Tips to Help Prep for Chester Race Week

  1. Lighten your boat – Get all the extra stuff in lockers and drawers and behind bunks – this weight adds up and most of it is unnecessary.
  2. Clean your bottom – Remove growth from bottom of boat.
  3. Check your rig and halyards – Chafed or worn fittings can fail at a critical moment and ruin your day. Your winches could likely benefit from some lubrication, as well. Don’t forget the lifelines, either, your crew needs to stay on board and test all the fittings in hiking mode.
  4. Organize your crew communications – Establish dock start time and duties, lunches, water, etc. Get your team’s mobile numbers and use group texts or other social media to advise last minute changes.
Moorings for
Chester Race Week

See Moorage for locations and options.

South Shore Marine, one of the sponsors of Race Week, has a number of moorings available at no cost for racers.

Contact South Shore Marine by phone at (902) 275-3711 or email [email protected].

Gordon W. Bethune
Club Team Trophy

Teams composed of three boats are chosen by the Rear Commodore of each club, each must race in a different class. The choice must be made before first race of the the regatta.

This trophy was dedicated by the Bethune family in 2012 in memory of Dr. Gordon Bethune who was the skipper of Showgirl.

Outer Islands Race

A perfect time to tune up the crew!

All visiting yachts are welcome!

More information on the Chester Yacht Club homepage.