One Design boats must  hold valid class measurement certificates for their fleet and be a member of a recognized yacht club.

The Bluenose Course

Racing Windward Leeward courses within Chester Harbour.

The Chester Bluenose Fleet

Chester Bluenose Fleet Logo

The history of the Bluenose Class sloop begins in 1946 when naval architect William J. Roué designed the wooden one design. These days modifications and improvements in construction over the years reflects the needs of an evolving race fleet – dedicated to rightly maintain the one-design features of the Roué-designed Bluenose Class Sloop.

Visit the home of the Chester Bluenose Fleet

The One Design Course

Windward Leeward only, each fleet has its own start. There has to be a minimum of five boats for a fleet to race on this course.

Farr 30 Fleet

Farr 30 Logo

The Farr 30 was to create a state-of-the-art offshore one-design that would be fast and exciting, yet uncomplicated and economical.

Visit the home of the Farr 30

The Chester IOD Fleet

Chester IOD Fleet Logo

The International One Design is a 33 foot sloop that is actively raced in One-Design Fleets all over the world.

Visit the home of the IOD Fleets

The Sonar Fleet

Sonar Class Association Logo

Designed in 1979, the Sonar is a fantastic racing boat of the new millennium and its rapid growth and ISAF Recognized status assures its longevity and value for many years to come.

Visit the Sonar Class Association

J/24 Fleet

J/24 Logo

The International J/24 is undeniably the most popular racing keelboat in the world, with over 5400 boats being sailed.

Visit the Canadian J/24 Class Association

J/70 Fleet

J70 Logo

Since its introduction in March 2012, the J/70 has quickly established itself worldwide with 900+ boats sailing in 20+ countries in 2015.

Vist the USA J/70 Class Association

One Design on the Inshore Course

Racers on this course race some windward leeward races and some distance races.

C&C 99 Fleet

The C&C 99 is an American sailboat that was designed by Tim Jackett and entered production in 2002.

Visit the C&C 99 Class Association.

J/105 Fleet

J/105 Logo

The J/105 was the first sprit boat when it was designed by Rod Johnstone in 1990. The J/105 is unsurpassed if you are looking for strong one-design competition either in your local area, or if you are able to travel to away regattas.

Visit the J/105 Class Association

Come race with us!

Helly Hansen Chester Race Week 2022 would like to invite boats to come and sail at a great keelboat Race Week, raced in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

There is a Fleet for everyone at this race week including some serious one-design fleet racing and over 10 fleets of PHRF Handicap racing, Double Handed, White Sail and Classics Pursuit Racing

Marine Services in the region offer an opportunity for boats coming from other provinces and the USA by road to launch and haul, rig and store their trailers for a very reasonable rate. Visit our information page about accommodation and marine services on Chester Race Week’s Moorage page.


Monohull handicap boats must have a valid Sail Nova Scotia PHRF Handicap and be a member of a recognized yacht club. Visiting boats may have their existing handicap (e.g. PHRF) converted using accepted formulas by the Sail Nova Scotia Handicap Committee Representative. Those visiting boats are asked to contact Kim Johnson- cycmanager@chesteryachtclub.ca – by August 1, 2022 to arrange such a conversion.

Classics Fleet

The Classics will race
a pursuit style race.

A boat wishing to register for the Classic Yacht Class must be a Classic Yacht as defined herein. A Classic Yacht is a yacht launched prior to Dec 31, 1996 or a replica of a classic or a boat that independently of her launch date was built in conformity with the design of a classic boat launched before Dec 31, 1996.

For more information visit the Chester Classics site.

Inshore Fleet

PHRF- NS Inshore Racing Course will sail up to 2 races per day. The course length will depend on the conditions of the day. Some may be Windward Leeward Courses. Within the PHRF-NS Inshore Racing Course, the Race Committee will set the handicap split for each fleet and post them on Yacht Scoring no later than August 8, 2022.

Distance Fleet

PHRF-NS Distance Racing Course will sail up to 2 races per day. The course length will depend on the conditions of the day. The course will be sailed around fixed/inflatable marks. This course is open to PHRF-NS boats carrying a spinnaker. The Race Committee will set the handicap split for each fleet and post them on Yacht Scoring no later than August 8, 2022.

Double Handed

This year Chester Race Week is pleased to offer a new division for sailors; Double-handed. The double-handed division will be a pursuit style of race and a fantastic opportunity for skippers and crew to compete against boats with different handicaps. This division will require skippers and crew to show off all of their sailing skills without the burden of finding big teams to race their boat competitively. Potential fleet splits will be determined based on registration.

White Sail

Are you new to racing or is flying spinnaker just not your cup of tea? This year’s edition of Chester Race Week offers a non-spinnaker division that will sail a pursuit style of race. Pursuit racing is all about sailing as effectively as possible to cross the finish line before the other competing boats. Boats with higher or lower handicaps will either be trying to protect their lead or trying to catch up to cross the finish line before you. The White-sail division is an excellent opportunity to be involved in this Chester Race Week event without the burden of finding big crews or the need to know the ins and outs of racing tactics. This division has excellent potential for any first-time keelboat racer.