Chester Race Week 2016 - Day 3 Results

2016 Chester Race Week • Day 3 Results • Drone Video Link

4 days, 4 courses, 16 fleets, 33 trophies, 123 sailboats, 1,200 sailors

Canada’s Largest Annual Keel Boat Regatta

Shifting winds made for hard work on Day 3

RACE RESULTS: DAY 3 – Friday, August 12, 2016

CHESTER, N.S. (August 12, 2016) – No one would describe it as picture-perfect, but continuously shifting winds kept things “entertaining” for sailors at Chester Race Week Day 3.

“There were some major changes with the wind,” says Principal Race Officer Brian Todd, who also ran the One Design course. “I think our racers appreciated the hard work our mark-layers put in to keep everyone on course.”

2016 Chester Race Week D 139 1000px wide

Caption: Farr 30 Class leader Tangley (CAN 29) skippered by Peter Toombs of the Charlottetown Yacht Club (Charlottetown, PEI) comes first in their division for the third day in a row amid shifting winds on Day 3 of Chester Race Week 2016.

Credit: Hi-res version available to media on request.

Day 3 drone video footage (0:01:10)

Courtesy of Sky Sailing Studios.


Alpha Racing
PHRF_ToT Division
Alpha 1
1.CAN 51111Hard Ei8htTripp 41Lawrence TaylorWelshtown, NS, CAN314
2.USA 135Team OceanMelges 32John RoyHalifax, NS, CAN134
3.USA 39503ChaosFarr 395Mark GosineHalifax, NS , CAN527
1.CAN 106SabotageViper 830Doug FolsetterHamilton, Ont, CAN112
2.CAN 129Hard 1Fareast 28RMathew ArchibaldHalifax, NS, CAN325
3.CAN 42416Starfire XTT35Andrew BoswellBedford, NS, CA235
Alpha 3
1.CAN 8PoohsticksJ 92Colin MannLunenburg, NS, CAN112
2.CAN 506McMacJ 105Rory MacdonaldHalifax, NS, CAN224
3.CAN 40998SAil La VieJeanneau 409louis bourgetbedford, NS, CAN437
1.CAN 50271DeviationJ 120Stu McCreaHalifax, NS, CAN112
2.CAN 78SliceJ 120Ronald StewartStratford, PE, CAN325
3.CAN 144BrillianceJ 120Richard CalderDartmouth, NS, CAN235
1.CAN 229HELOCJ 35Andrew ChildsHalifax, NS, CAN112
2.USA 41057J’ai TuJ 35Rodney Johnstone / Gary BennettStorrs, CT, USA235
3.CAN 73/459HarrierJ 35Ann Petley-JonesHalifax, NS, CAN527
Bravo Racing
PHRF_ToT Division
Bravo – J29
1.CAN 117Paradigm shiftJ 29Don WilliamsHalifaxh, NS, CAN11
2.CAN 57Head GamesJ 29TERRY SchnareChester Basin, NS, CAN22
3.CAN 222PainkillerJ 29Paul DexterHalifax, NS, CAN33
Bravo 1
1.CAN 4964GersemiViking 33Paul BezansonHalifax, NS, CAN11
2.CAN 34440HighlanderDehler DB1Dan PrideHalifax, NS, CAN22
3.CAN 33149Bazinga!C&C 33Donald K WalkerDartmouth, NS, CAN33
Bravo 2
1.CAN 192Spare ChangeKirby 25Jeremy BenoitTantallon, NS, CAN314
2.CAN 131HotspurSantana 23Tyson HynesHalifax, NS, CAN134
3.CAN 23HumminSolingWilliam HaliburtonHalifax, NS, CAN224
Charlie Racing
One Design Division
1.CAN B45EspritBluenoseAndrew MurphyHalifax, NS, CAN718
2.CAN 279DartBluenoseJohn GrantmyreHalifax, NS, CAN639
3.347PrivateerBluenoseConnor MrazBrooklyn, NY, USA4610
Delta Racing
PHRF_ToT Division
Delta 1
1.CAN 24228MariahC&C 35Keith JohnsonChester, NS, CAN11
2.CAN 61289EquinoxFrers 33Rod StrightHalifax, NS, CAN22
3.CAN 23503Night TrainC&C 40-2 TM/DKBrad BoutilierUpper Tantallon, NS, CAN33
Delta 2
1.CAN 14915To’Mater 3C&C 25 Mk1Warren WebberBridgewater, NS, CAN11
2.USA 4962Sea BreakerC&C 25bruce nunnchester, NS, CAN22
3.CAN 223Summer SaltsC&C 32Steve WillistonBridgewater, NS, CAN33
1.CAN P3SenecaClassicDavid CreightonChester, NS, USA11
2.Q5VirginiaUniversal QJohn W Jr WurtsChester, NS, CAN22
3.P 1Hayseed IVWm Gardner PChristopher WurtsChester, NS, CAN33
One Design Racing
One Design Division
J 24
1.CAN 431Barely LegalJ 24David WedlakeHalifax, Nova Scotia, CAN134
2.CAN 3968HypeWaveJ 24Chris VeinotHalifax, NS, CAN426
3.CAN 42JammingJ 24Nicholas HamblinHr St Margarets Bay , NS, CAN246
1.USA 1ValiantSonarRick DoerrClifton, NJ, USA123
2.CAN 754PINGSonarAndreas JosenhansLunenburg, NS, CAN246
3.Can 571EchoSonarJohn FranklinMahone bay, NS, USA617
Farr 30
1.CAN 29TangleyFarr 30Peter ToombsCharlottetown, PEI, CAN112
2.USA 28One More TimeFarr 30Rob GaleHalifax, NS, CAN325
3.CAN 47VenturesomeFarr 30Ben MaloneyBedford, NS, CAN235
International One Design
1.CAN 1Mighty MoIODRichard ThompsonChester, NS, CAN213
2.CAN 3SquallIODPeter WickwireHalifax, NS, CAN123
3.CAN 11RestlessIODTed MurphyHalifax, NS, CAN336

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About Chester Race Week

Hosted by the Chester Yacht Club in the picturesque South-Shore Nova Scotia town of Chester in mid August each year, Chester Race Week is Canada’s largest annual keel boat regatta and plays host to more than 140 boats from up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

The regatta was first documented in 1856 and has since been named one of Sailing World magazine’s 14 greatest sailing events in North America. “Race Week” as it is known locally, sees tourists and locals alike taking in the natural beauty of the area by both land and sea. A community-based, volunteer-driven event, Chester Race Week boasts a full schedule of public-friendly events with yacht races, live music, great food, and daily racing seminars. Visit for race and social schedules.

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